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The answer is simple; find a better solution for the horse.


The extreme rigidity of the traditional shoes, made the inventor of Triple-R (an experienced farrier from the Netherlands) think; how can we help enhance the hoof mechanism but stay as close to the art of shoeing as we know it today?

Looking for the WIN-WIN solution for the horse and the farrier took years of trial and error, and a lot of testing.


Triple-R horseshoes is offering you a new way of shaping shoes AND enhances the hoof mechanism due to its flexible material.

  • Flexes with the hoof mechanism, but rigid enough to provide stability

  • Nailing or glueing; the choice is yours!

  • Lighter than aluminium and durable enough to keep your regular shoeing cycle. Depending on the size the shoe about 80 grams. A standard alu racing plate is about 110 grams.

  • Tungsten pins can be added where needed. Even an insert can be easily added. Check out our Instructions page for more info.

  • We recycle! Bring/send used shoes back and together we will save the planet!

  • Save yourself! Make your life a little lighter; no forging needed, just bend it baby!

  • Make it personal; at the moment Triple-R comes in the colour black and in 'standard' shapes, but soon we will be ready to add more colour and shapes to your life! Contact us to find out more!



Triple-R horseshoes is invented by a Dutch farrier; Raymond Ramakers. His passion for the horse and farriery drove him to find a product that is very close to current shoeing but with additional advantages for the horse and the farrier. 

About Raymond

Raymond has been working as a farrier and clinician in the Netherlands and abroad for 28 years. He obtained his national farrier diploma in 1992 at Helicon courses in Deurne after completing internships with several top farriers. In 2002 he also obtained his second farrier diploma at the ENPHO in Baarlo. In the same year Raymond also became Dutch champion farrier in 'sHertogenbosch.

After becoming a farrier he continued with more educations and was extensively trained as an Advance Certified Equine Dentist of the Academy of Equine Dentistry USA Idaho Glenns Ferry. This shows his broad interest in the horse and how versatile he is. Working with horses has been his goal throughout his whole life. 

Nailing and glueing on shoes on horses feet made Raymond think how he could enhance the hoof mechanism of the horse and if he could make the shoeing process and shoes lighter but still durable enough. After several experiments Raymond developed a special kind of material that offers enough flexibility, stability and durability to make it the perfect candidate for creating an ideal horseshoe.

Designing, manufacturing and putting on the Triple-R shoes is now Raymond's expertise. But selling and promoting a new brand into the world is new to him. This is where Maaike Willemsen comes in, after they decided to join forces so we can show the world it is time to forge a new future.

About Maaike

Passionate about horses since she was a little girl but intrigued with hooves since she started as Marketing Manager Europe, Middle-East & Africa at Vettec in 2009. After 3 years at Vettec she received the chance to move to the Mustad Hoofcare Group. Working as Marketing Manager and Sales Manager, Maaike took a lot of product introductions, events, marketing, and sales promotions under her wings during her Mustad time. "For me the best thing working at Mustad was the amazing team, products and horses I got to work with" according to Maaike. "But sometimes an opportunity knocks at your door that you simply believe in and have to pursuit, so I feel very privileged to be part of Triple-R now".  Let's change the future of forging together!

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